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DEV Joni is a private science and technology business operated from Hyrynsalmi, Finland. Currently, it is operated by

Dr Joni Kemppainen

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Dr Kemppainen has

He received his undergraduate degree in physics in University of Oulu, Finland. There, he got fascinated by biophysics that investigates biological systems using physics and engineering tools. The Oulu biophysics group, lead by Prof. Weckström, investigated the nervous system of insects (cockroaches, bumblebees, beetles, ...) using techniques such as patch-clamping, intracellular recordings and virtual trackball arenas. Joni admired the capability of the tiny insect brain, and enjoyed the do-it-yourself approach what it came to the design of research equipment and software.

After a 6 months ERASMUS exchange in the Univeristy of Tuebingen, Germany, Joni departed from Finland to join the neuroscience lab of Prof. Juusola in Sheffield, UK. First, he investigated information processing and hyperacuity in honeybees as a part of the Brains on Board project, which aimed to reverse-engineer parts of the honeybee brain to create autonomously flying drones. Next, Joni prototyped a high-speed imaging system to study a type of compound eye micro-movements called "photoreceptor microsaccades". This work led to 2 first-author and first-co-author research articles that are published in top journals. Eventually, Joni was awarded with a doctoral degree (sensory neuroscience) in mid-2022.

Joni is a seasoned programmer (Python, MATLAB, Mathematica, Java, OpenCL, C, ...) with various know-how from computers, electronics and technology in general. His current hobbies include video game development using Panda3D and snow shoveling.


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