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Developments - Software, science and 3D printing


Since January 2024, we are no more offering services until further notice: Our current efforts relate to in-house product development. This page remains here to highlight our expertise for those who may be interested of the services when they will resume.

1) Software development

A Python image

Any programming language can be used. Usually, Python is best for rapid development. Profiling reveals performance critical sections that can be ported to a fast language (using numpy, numba, C/C++, nim, etc.).

2) Additive manufacturing

Our 3D-printing facility enables quick prototyping and on-demand manufacturing. Currently, we have 3 PRUSA Mini printers, and PETG and PLA plastics in stock. We can print

3) Computer graphics, 3D modelling

Animations can contain music, narration and tell stories (great for product advertisements). A completed project: Insect inspired stereo vision.

4) Scientific expertise

Dr Kemppainen was trained by two world-class electrophysiology labs in UK and Finland. His background in physics allows him to digest and leverage complex theoretical frameworks, and he has extensive experience in intergrating various scientific equipment into a functional experimental setup.

5) Design of small devices

We can design simple electrical devices (and their software), based on

They can then read sensors (buttons, temperature, cameras) or discuss online, and take actions such as blink LEDs, open valves or control electric motors. For legal reasons, only extra-low voltage devices (under 75V DC or 50V AC) can be designed. Often this means 3.3V, 5V, 10V or 12V circuits.

Past pricing (Year 2023)

The standard rate for services is 80€ / hour + VAT (this can be negotiated). The client can cancel any time if unsatisfied and be billed only for the used time. Alternatively, a fixed price per project can be agreed. In this case, the payment is based on a successful project delivery.

The initial project planning is for free. Needed components, travel costs and other expenses are usually charged separately.


We are not open for any work at the moment. - please contact for further details.

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