Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to purchase of goods or digital content from Shop DEV Joni (an online e-shop) and you accept them by using this website. If you wish not to accept them, you can do so by closing this website.

Before we get started:

  • If you would like us to rectify these terms and conditions (something seems unfair, dishonest or illegal etc.), please contact us at sales@devjoni.com and we will react to your feedback as soon as possible
  • We reserve rights to change these terms and conditions any time without giving a notice in advance or at a later time

1.1 Basic information

This website is operated by a legal person under the laws of the Republic of Finland by DEV Joni / Joni Kemppainen. Our business identification number is Y-3339572-3 and our postal address Kukkulantie 4, 89400 Hyrynsalmi, Finland.

The following terms are used in these Terms and Conditions:

E-shop - This website - https://devjoni.com/shop

Seller - DEV Joni, see the previous paragraph(s). Also referenced as "we", "We", or "us".

Buyer - A natural or legal person interested purchasing goods or digital content in the e-shop. Also referenced as "you" or "You", "they/them" or "the user".

Private customer  - A natural person interested purchasing goods or digital content in the e-shop. Also known as the consumer.

Business customer - A natural or a legal person that participates in economic activity by running or being a business. In the EU area, being a business customer is shown by a valid VAT number.

Goods - Physical products offered and sold through the e-shop.

Digital content - Software, 3D models, license keys or similar intangible items that exist in a digital form.

Order - The agreement between the seller and the buyer about the seller delivering the goods and/or digital content in exchange to the shown price. This agreement was created when the buyer by filled their electronic shopping cart, selected the delivery and payment methods, and confirmed the action.

Personal data - Any information that we digitally hold that relates to the buyer

2. Prices and payment

The prices shown on the website may or may not include the value added tax (VAT), and the prices may be shown in euros or another supported currencies. These factors depend on the buyers regional settings, which can be adjusted by the user under the "Regional Settings" page. It is the buyers responsibility to confirm that the shown prices indeed are what the buyer thinks they are.

Delivery and postal fees are calculated separately based on the size and the weight of the goods, and on the delivery address.

If it is reasonable to assume that there were erroneous prices due to a technical or a human error, we reserve rights to cancel and 100% refund the order.

Payment options is selected on the e-shop checkout page. Placement of the order requires pressing the confirmation button after the relevant payment and delivery options are selected.

All goods are property of the seller until the purchased goods are fully paid.

3. Delivery of goods

We deliver products only to buyers over the legal age (often 18 years old) that have a permanent delivery address within the supported countries.

We mainly deliver goods to business customers (companies, private traders, universities, schools, research institutes etc.) but also accept orders from private customers. Private customers by-law enjoy consumer rights that do not extend to business customers.

Delivery time is always an estimate and we can not guarantee how long the delivery actually takes. We aim to process the order within 3 business days and then send the goods if they are in stock. In the EU area, goods should arrive within 30 days.

Please notice that some products are manufactured on-demand.

If the postal fees or delivery conditions suddenly change because of a reason out of our control (a natural disaster, a war, an industrial action or similar), we will contact you by email. Then, both parties have an opportunity to cancel the order or come up with alternative arrangements.

If the delivery fails because the buyer has provided an erroneous delivery address, we will wait to receive the delivery back, and then refund the paid sum minus any extra postal fees and a 5% re-inventory fee.

We are not responsible for lost or broken products during the delivery. If any such scenarios arise, the buyer should primarily request support from the delivering company.

We are not responsible for any extra fees (such as tolls or import taxes) after sending the goods. It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm and pay if any such fees exist when ordering from the EU area of Finland.

4. Return of goods

Private customers have right to return any unused goods withing 14 days after receiving the goods, excluding the receiving day. The returned goods and their packaging have to be in the same conditions as when they were received. Before returning, the customer can inform us by contacting sales@devjoni.com to receive instructions with the return. It should be made clear that

The postal fees related to the return belong to the customer.

Business customers do not have similar right to return by law. However, such agreements, we do accept returns from business customers if they are done in good spirit.

5. Broken products

In case of manufacturing mistakes or broken products, please contact us (sales@devjoni.com) within 30 days after receiving the goods. You will receive instructions how to return the goods, and we can discuss whether it is more suitable to have a refund or a new item shipped.

We do not cover malfunctioning or broken products caused by user errors, nor normal worn-out caused by hard use.

6. Refunds

We will always refund to the original account. We may not be able to refund if you supply erroneous details and if this happens, we will deduct any extra costs and fees from the to-be-refunded sum.

Refund terms and conditions may be affected based on the selected payment method.

Refunds are given within 14 days after we have received the returned goods.

7. Cancelling an order

The buyer has right to cancel an order without any fees before we have processed the order. If the order has been already shipped, the order cannot be cancelled - instead, the buyer has to wait for the goods to arrive and then return the goods.

8. Digital content

Digital content is subject to different terms and conditions on the following parts:

The 14 day "cooling off" period to cancel and return purchases does not apply to digital content - thus no returns of downloadable content.

9. General conditions and safety

All items sold in the e-shop (goods and digital content) are meant for professionals who know how to use them. The sold items are not toys and they should be kept away from children and people who can use them to cause harm to themselves or others. They are meant to be used in correctly safety regulated environments with relevant health and safety precautions.

The buyer is responsible for confirming that all users are properly trained to use the sold items. The seller provides no safety or usage training unless specifically agreed. If you decide to sell items forwards, you should confirm that the future users will be aware of all safety aspects.

The next paragraphs contain important safety information.

Some goods may release small particles or chunks or the goods themselves may be so small that when inserted inside body cavities such as mouth or nose, they can cause serious health trauma such as suffocation. This use is forbidden by the seller and the seller takes no responsibility on such forbidden activities.

Some goods may contain sharp corners that by accidental, criminal or misuse use can cause serious health trauma such as puncturing of an eye or a stabbing wound. The seller takes no responsibility on such events.

Some goods can burst into flames if ignited under the right conditions (for example by having an open flame nearby) and cause serious danger to people and buildings. It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm no such occasions occur.

Some goods when mixed with right chemicals (even those available at normal households for cleaning for example) or physical conditions may release toxic gases or liquids that pose serious harm (cancer, poisoning, irritation, disease, infertility or similar) to humans, animals or nature. The seller takes no responsibility if such events happen and strongly discourages against such use.

Where required by law or it beneficial for the buyer's safety, these or any other safety information are provided on the website and on a paper added to the shipped package.

The seller is not responsible for any damage caused to people, animals, property or nature by misuse, accidental use, criminal use, or any other use of this website.

The seller is not responsible for any monetary, moral, ethical, medical, scientific, societal, human, artistic, legal, religious, esthetic, cultural, natural or unnatural harm that the use of delivered goods or digital content, or the use of this website or this website itself, somehow, may cause directly or indirectly to living, non-living or fictional entities. These entities may or may not reside anywhere within the observable universe or outside it in the past, present and future.

10. Fake orders and harassment

We will always notify the local authorities for illegal activities.

11. Newsletter

The buyer can subscribe to receive our newsletter, and cancel it any time.

12. Data safety and security

We collect data only for tax purposes; By law, we are required to keep sales information and details up to 10 years post-transaction. The buyer can create their own account, and can chooses what information to provide there.

No payment or credit card data are stored by us (these may be stored by your credit card company or the payment processor - please refer to them in this matter).

These are protected following the European data safety rules and regulations. We use a well-trusted web-host running European server rooms. The website uses SSL encryption to stop third parties from learning confidential information from our customers.

However, we take no responsibility on data breaches, viruses, malware or similar beyond our control.