OpenLink is a physical interface and a communication protocol that does data and power in the same cable. It is designed by DEV Joni.

Main features

  • Data - Default 100 kbit/s
  • Power - 12V | max 10 A | max 120 W
  • One line can support many devices (up to 127)
  • Can work with most micro-controllers and SBCs
  • Control from your PC with OpenLink USB Controller
  • Open-source | 3D-printable | Build it yourself
Ideal for device control, 1-dimensional data acquisition and transfer and powering.
Not alone suitable for big data such as high-resolution images and videos.


  1. +12 V
  2. SDA (+3V pull-up)
  3. SCL (+3V pull-up)
  4. Ground

Further details

We believe that open-source devices have to be build-accessible to stand the test of time. That is why we have designed an open-source connector that anyone could put together in their garage - provided soldering tools, M3 screws and nuts and some metal strips.

Under the hood, OpenLink uses the already excisting I2C protocol. It offers relatively fast data transfer speeds, supports up to 127 devices, requires only two additional wires, and most importantly, is supported by virtually all micro-controllers and single-board computers.

Its 12 V voltage can power a wide range of devices, often directly. Our default OpenLink connector and cables can handle up to 10 A continuous current safely.