R30 Infrared

A miniature high-power LED emitter

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General-use R30 LED with infra-red (855 nm) light output. The IR emitter-component has different dimensions than the other emitters and so resides slightly deeper inside the R30 case.

Compatible with all our LogLED drivers. | Open-source and 3D printable design.

Note: Technical data in the "Emitter component" section are typical values as reported by the LED component manufacturer(s) at the 25°C LED junction temperature.

Technical Data

Emitter component
Color Infra-red (855 nm)
Rated current (R C) 1000 mA
Forward voltage @RC 1.9 V
Light output @RC 690 mW
Turn-on time <100 ns
Full R30 assembly
Case material PET-G
Dimensions 30 mm x 30 mm x 16 mm (14 mm excluding the out-protruding LED-dome)
Weight 50 g

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