LogLED drivers

Our LogLED series offers universal LED drivers that can generate all possible light patterns by quickly modulating a point source.

Key Features

  • Small form-factor | Light weight
  • Massive range: From blinding-bright to barely visible
  • Fast switching (tens of microseconds)
  • Easy to use and interface (I2C and analog inputs)
  • Mains and battery operation

Fully Open-Source

The micro-controller program can be upgraded and modified by the user (fast on-chip custom-waveform generation, LED-junction temperature compensation). STL files available online.

How the models differ?

Adjusting the amount of the boards and "bits" in the drivers allows us to offer models in different price categories. All the models approximately produce the same maximum brightness - the difference comes in how smoothly and on how dim the driver can dim the LED element.

Dimming ranges
  • 311 - The widest range with triple 11-bit boards
  • 116 - Approx. 2/3 of the 311 range
  • 111 - Approx 1/3 of the 311 range
  • 103 - Tiny range