LogLED 103

A 3-bit LED driver for flashes and pulses

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Bright on/off flashes - accurately timed.

103 offers unparalleled performance for simple flashing experiments . Its 3-bit single resistive driver offers 8 flicker-free light levels:

  • 87.5% (relative to the 311/111 max output)
  • 75%
  • 62,5%
  • 50%
  • 37,5%
  • 12,5%
  • 0%
These levels allow using lower powers for prolonged ON-operation (for keeping the LED element cool enough), and a higher power for briefer flashes and pulses.

In all other aspects, 103 is physically and functionally identical, one-to-one compatible and drop-in replaceable with other LogLED drivers. Although just slightly lighter.

Key Features

  • Miniature, easy-to-swap LED elements with active cooling and economical pricing - available in different colors
  • Very bright | Fast switching (some tens of microseconds)
  • Easy control from a PC/SBC/MC over OpenLink (I2C) | Support up to 127 devices
  • Multipurpose BNC connectors to interface with other common lab gear
  • Safe 12 V DC operation
  • Open-source | User modifiable firmware for custom programs

Suggested Applications
  • Optogenetic stimulation
  • Illumination for cameras

Extra details about accurate timing

Directly over the OpenLink (I2C) connection, it is possible to control the driver "on-the-fly". Usually, the time resolution here is from 1 ms to 20 ms depending on your OS and its scheduler. 

The baseline frequency for Openlink (I2C) is 100 kHz. It theoretically allows 6.25 kHz operation for 2 byte commands when controlling one device.

Over the BNC port, for a trig-in or LED-on/off signal , digital readout can be done within 5 µs - nearly instantaneously compared to the delay setting the LED on/off.

We will quantify and document these limits in more details within the next few months and thank you for your patience.

Technical Data

Micro-controller Arduino Nano Every (20 MHz)
Driver type Resistive with 1x 3-bit circuit
LED connector R30 (devjoni)
Power and I2C connector OpenLink (devjoni)
A/B connector BNC (50 Ohm)
Free, unexposed I/O 5 (RX, TX, D13, A2, A3) + USB-SAMD11
Input voltage 12 V (from 7 V to 14 V)
Color Black
Material 3D-printed PETG
Dimensions 157 mm x 110 mm x 66 mm (with the M5 leg)
Weight X g

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