LogLED 311

A small universal power-LED driver for multiple purposes

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The true LogLED worthy its name

Unlike most modern drivers based on pulsed operation, LogLED 311 uses a triple parallel resistor-circuit with a 20 MHz micro-controller to drive the LED. It delivers a flicker-free experience in all brightness levels and reacts linearly to changes in the input-power voltage.

Moreover, it covers a massive brightness range from blinding-bright to barely visible. Smoothly, without any visible steps, and with near-instantaneous changes.

You can control the 311 driver from your PC, single-board computer or from any another micro-controller that supports the I2C communication protocol. The dual BNC ports can be used for analog input, hardware trigger or digital output.

311 is powerable from a wide range of DC power supplies (7-14 V, ideal 12V) including linear and switching supplies and batteries. We offer a 12 V / 5A tabletop switched-mode power supply with it.

311 is fully open-source. Its micro-controller can be updated and modified by the user (requires a micro-USB to USB cable and a PC) to generate custom light patterns on-chip for really fast operation. On-chip models and processing can be also used for compensating component tolerances and LED-junction temperatures.

Key Features

  • Miniature LED elements with active cooling and economical pricing - available in colors
  • Massive dynamic range | Bright
  • Fast switching (up to tens of microseconds)
  • Digital control up to 127 devices (OpenLink / I2C)
  • BNC to interface with other lab gear (5 V TTL)
  • Safe DC 12 V operation
  • Light and portable
  • Open-source | User modifiable

Example Applications

  • Light activation of sensory cells, organs and molecules in electrophysiology and calcium imaging (flashes, pulses, steps, ramps, sinusoidals, waves, sweeps, noise patterns)
  • Reactive light patterns for human and animal subjects
  • Optogenetics - Activation of neurons and other cells
  • Photobiology, photochemistry and photophysics (driving photosynthesis, bio-luminescence, photo-morphogenesis and other processes)
  • Light source in optics
  • Illumination for cameras and microscopes
  • Industry automation  | Spectral imaging

Technical Data

Micro-controller Arduino Nano Every (20 MHz)
Driver type Resistive with 3x 11-bit circuit
LED connector R30 (devjoni)
Power and I2C connector OpenLink (devjoni)
A/B connector BNC (50 Ohm) for 5V TTL
Free, unexposed I/O 5 (RX, TX, D13, A2, A3) + USB-SAMD11
Input voltage 12 V (from 7 V to 14 V)
Color Black
Material 3D-printed PETG
Dimensions 157 mm x 110 mm x 66 mm (with the M5 leg)
Weight 370 g

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