LogLED 116

A 16-bit LED driver

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65536 linearly spaced light levels ought to be enough for everyone

116 uses a single 16-bit flicker-free board to provide 2/3 of the brightness range of 311. Only in its very dimmest levels, increasing or decreasing the brightness results in visible steps.

All our LogLED drivers are interchangeable with each other as they have the same outer dimensions and top-brightnesses – Only the quality of dimming changes.

Key Features

  • Miniature, easy-to-swap LED elements with active cooling and economical pricing - available in different colors
  • Very bright | Fast switching (some tens of microseconds)
  • Easy control from a PC/SBC/MC over OpenLink (I2C) | Support up to 127 devices
  • Multipurpose BNC connectors to interface with other common lab gear
  • Safe 12 V DC operation
  • Open-source | User modifiable firmware for custom programs

Suggested Applications
  • Light patterns
  • Illumination for cameras and microscopes
  • Photobiology, photochemistry and photophysics
  • Optogenetic stimulation

Technical Data

Micro-controller Arduino Nano Every (20 MHz)
Driver type Resistive with 1x 16-bit circuit
LED connector R30 (devjoni)
Power and I2C connector OpenLink (devjoni)
A/B connector BNC (50 Ohm) with 5 V TTL
Free, unexposed I/O 5 (RX, TX, D13, A2, A3) + USB-SAMD11
Input voltage 12 V (from 7 V to 14 V)
Color Black
Material 3D-printed PETG
Dimensions 157 mm x 110 mm x 66 mm (with the M5 leg)
Weight X g

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