PalloFrame L10

Ridgid frame for experiments

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SolidFrame uses the super-shape called "rhombicuboctahedron". It is an Archimedean solid with excellent mechanical and geometrical properties.

L10 has excellent strength and optimal size for most in-lab experiments. Its 14 square and 8 triangle faces can support many (up to 28) research modules.

Highlighted Features
  • Ultra-rigid structure | Low weight
  • Modular research device insertion (multi-point with M3 metal screws and nuts)
  • Orhogonal XYZ views | All faces look at the center
  • Adjacent squares form 45 deg angles
  • Open-source (STL files available) | 3D printable

Example Applications
  • Basis for a scientific set-up

Technical Data

Triangle pieces 8
Square pieces 18
Piece side length 10 cm
Connectivity 8mm M3 hex-socket screw and nuts
Material 3D-pinted PET-G
Dimensions x
Weight x

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