PalloFrame L5

Tiny frame for space-constrained

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SolidFrame uses the super-shape called "rhombicuboctahedron". It is an Archimedean solid with excellent mechanical and geometrical properties. Its 14 square and 8 triangle faces can support up to 28 research modules.

L5 has tiny form-factor, making it ideal for space-constrained applications. Thanks to its decreased side length vs. thickness ratio, it is even stronger than L10. Conversely, more angular space, as seen from the center, is occupied by the frame itself.

Highlighted Features
  • Ultra-rigid structure | Low weight
  • Modular research device insertion (multi-point with M3 metal screws and nuts)
  • Orhogonal XYZ views | All faces look at the center
  • Adjacent squares form 45 deg angles
  • Open-source (STL files available) | 3D printable

Example Applications
  • Basis for a scientific set-up

Technical Data

Triangle pieces 8
Square pieces 18
Piece side length 5 cm
Connectivity 8mm hex-socket M3 screws and nuts
Material 3D-pinted PET-G
Dimensions x
Weight x

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